The company succeeded in developing
Top School, which was introduced successfully in a number of schools in 2008-2009. Top school provides integrated solutions for the project management processes and internal control in all aspects and components of the educational process, such as scheduling, exams, home-based jobs, marking and analysis of information. And also provides an internal communication between all parts of the educational institution (administration, teachers, students and parents). The project based on the use of the Internet (web based) in all its applications

I Top School is a comprehensive project for all aspects of school life and activities of management, teachers and students.
Consists of five sub-projects are interrelated with each other.





I Top School project, includes administrative and educational information, and also integrates them in order to provide services and facilities in various areas of school life.

I Top School collects aspects from all parts of the school life easily and Present it in one program.
This Enables the school management and the educational staff to benefit from the integration of information and to draw conclusions which would facilitate their work.

I Top School is an intelligent and flexible Program, that fits the organizational managements, which facilitates Implementation in each school.

I Top School is essentially a high information-processing capabilities, analysis of distinct ways and presented in different forms, which provides for the School management  important tools in monitoring and planning.


The company maintains a fast and efficient support system that will provide fast response to customers and partners on any topic.

Support measures:


Press on the Help button, and you can watch videos that teach the use of the system.


The company does not see itself as a seller of software, but a school partner in the project Implementation and training of administration and teachers to use it for many years, and stems of this strategy to work, through a deep understanding of the dynamics of the school environment and the need for continuity to provide the service, and the continuing appropriateness of the project according to the needs of each school.

I Top Web is Web Based System, which makes the communication between project participants from everywhere in the world faster.

I Top Web developed as a wide and flexible Platform, enabling the company to develop new services and mechanisms for a relatively short time.

I Top Web is easy to use and quickly adapted to, although it offers a massive amount of information, data and services.

I Top Web is the first and the biggest reference source to the participants, that provides many services and information needed by each of them.

Services provided by the System:


Some of the services available to all I Top Web visitors, without the requirement of participation to the project. The other part of the system is a private section for each participant and is available only to the project’s participants. 

Some of the free services provided by the System:

Exams archive and answers divided according to themes and levels.

Summary materials for the majority of subjects, divided according to themes and levels.

Answers to examinations (Tawjehi ,GCE), published shortly after the end of the examination.

Manual for examiners which includes curriculum, materials and examinations schedule .

General observations from the teachers on how to pass examinations in the best way.

News related to general education, major cultural and entertainment events in schools and educational institutions.

Sale and replacement of school stuffs (to the students and from them) such as used books and school supplies.

1. I forgot my password , what i can do ?

a1. you can send mail to , and provid us your ID number , full name , birthday , school name .
a2. you can ask your school admin to reset your password.

2. What internet browser i should use ?

a1. We support browsers : IE7 IE8 IE9 , Firefox 3.0  Chrome.

3. I have Internet Explorer 6 how i can update it ?

a1. please visit microsoft website , and you can update it for free :